For the 125th anniversary of the Victorinox Swiss Army company in 2010, Airstream and Victorinox collaborated together to produce a limited edition 19-foot trailer. Originally the plan was to create 125 units. However, due to the economic climate of the time, the production was cut short and only ≈  50 units were built.
It is noteworthy to mention "The Victorinox limited edition," is a camper that is VERY hard to put your hands on and it is seldom for sale. 
The partnership of the two iconic manufacturers generated An Airstream that embodies a sleek interior that reflects the exterior, sophistication, reliability, and functionality. The panoramic window holds a stunningly beautiful scenic of the Alps mountain'.

It has been said, " A picture speaks a thousand words." Let the photos demonstrate the craftsmanship and the gracefulness of this unusual Airstream.

2010 Int'l Bambi V Victorinox Special Edition.     $46,500